Photo of an altar candle lit, zoomed in.

Intentions for the Week

Mass Intentions

Saturday, December 4th

5:00pm Mass

† Andrew & Melanie Downey

♦ In Thanksgiving to the Virgin del Cisne

Sunday, December 5th

8:00am Mass

† Domenico & Flavia Fama

† Franco, Stano & Emma Caracciolo

† Vincenzo & Maria Novello

9:30am Mass


11:00am Mass

† Crispina Balbastro

† Deceased members of Saint Juste & Cherichel Family

♦ In Thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit

12:30pm Mass

† Marco Salgado

† Gloria Jimenez Palacio

♦ In Thanksgiving to St Jude & St. Expedito

♦ For the Health of Ines Aguilera

2:00pm Mass


Monday, December 6th

8:00am Mass

† Sung Soon Paul Park

Tuesday, December 7th

8:00am Mass

♦ In Thanksgiving to St. Jude from Teresa Di Noto

Wednesday, December 8th

8:00am Mass

♦ In Thanksgiving to St. Jude

7:00pm Mass

† Gilda & Adele Astolfo

Thursday, December 9th

8:00am Mass

† Anna Jajesniak

Friday, December 10th

8:00am Mass

† All Souls in Purgatory