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Inform Us of an Incident

To report an allegation of misconduct or abuse 
A victim of any crime is encouraged to contact their local police service. If a credible allegation of abuse against a minor is reported to the Archdiocese of Toronto, we contact the appropriate civil authorities within one hour or as soon as circumstances will permit.

Persons can make a confidential allegation of abuse or misconduct directly to the Archdiocese by calling 416-934-3400, extension 108. Alternately, you may email your concern to We will strive to respond efficiently to all messages. Clergy and staff of the archdiocese can also pass on a complaint to the Archbishop’s Delegate. Our prime concerns are for the care of the complainant who is hurting, and the prevention of abuse and misconduct. Recognizing that coming forward with an allegation of abuse or misconduct is difficult, the person who first hears the complaint will treat the complainant with great care and compassion, and will encourage the complainant to talk with the Archbishop’s Delegate. We respect the complainant’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

Our full procedure for allegations of misconduct can be found here: Policy & Procedure for Cases of Alleged Misconduct